Madan Pumps

Air Driven Hydraulic Pressure Pumps. (Madan, Fenner, SPX, Power Team, Globe)

Air Powered Hydraulic Pressure Testing Pumps.

Madan Pumps were one of the first of this type of pump to be produced, the first pumps were made in the 1940s for use in the workshops of Charles S. Madan & Co. Ltd. These air operated pumps are to be found in all types of applications which require high pressures and there are still pumps being used over 50 years after they were supplied. In recent years Madan pumps have been manufactured by Fenner, SPX and now Globe and have been referred to as Fenner Pumps, SPX Pumps, Power Team pumps and Globe pumps.

The compact, sturdy and time-proven series of Madan air operated pumps, are principally designed for pressure testing applications but are also used by many OEM customers. With wetted parts in stainless steel these pumps are suitable for use with a wide range of fluids including oil and water.

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