Self Contained Air Operated Powerpacks

Pressure testing equipment, powered by compressed air.

These systems require only a supply of water or oil, from the reservoir if fitted, and a supply of compressed air at up to 8 bar. The high pressure outlet of the system is connected to the component to be tested and the pump is operated by means of the air control equipment included. After testing, the pressure in the system is released by the outlet pressure release valve, if a reservoir is fitted, the excess liquid returns to it.

With nine different air to hydraulic ratios available in the Trojan Type J range and twelve in the more powerful Type M range there will be a Powerpack suited to your application. Suitable for use with a wide range of hydraulic mediums including water and oil, easily transportable these powerpacks are ideal for permanent placement or as part of a travelling on site pressure test set up.

Maximum test pressures up to 1,254 bar in the Type ‘J’ range and up to 3,040 bar in the Type ‘M’ range and suitable for pressure testing all sizes of vessels or pipework for example from a few CCs to many cubic metres. Powered by compressed air and ATEX rated for use in many different environments.

These powerpacks are usually available on a very short delivery schedule, please CONTACT us with details of your application for help with choosing the most suitable equipment.