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Trojan Type ‘J’ pump
Test pressures up to 1,095 Bar.

  • Trojan Type ‘J’ 3
  • Trojan Type ‘J’ 2
  • Trojan Type ‘J’ 1

The smallest pump in the Trojan range, the Type 'J' is ideal for the smaller capacity applications. These air-operated pumps, are principally designed for pressure testing application but are also used by many OEM customers. The Trojan Type 'J' pump range offers:

• Nine ratios ranging from 14 bar to 1,095 bar
• Stainless steel wetted parts
• Suitable for pumping water, oil and a wide range of fluids
• Volume outputs from 0.4 to 14 litres/minute
• Automatic stall against closed outlet with no air consumption, automatic restart
• Minimum air pressure required to start pump will be up to 1 bar
• Low pressure running conversion available
• Powered by any fixed or portable compressed air source up to 8 bar
• Infinitely variable capacity and discharge pressure through simple regulation of air supply
• Available in portable pressure test packages
• ATEX II, Cat 2, GD T5

Application Include:

PRESSURE TESTING: Static and burst testing of hoses, valves, tubing, testing of fire extinguishers, gas bottles, pressure vessels, hydraulic circuits and components, aircraft and automobile braking systems, pipeline testing, wellheads.

GENERAL HYDRAULICS: Power source for hydraulic rams and cylinders, scissor lifts, jacks, hydraulic presses, clamping systems, bolt cutters, bolt tensioners, axle lifts, ramps, mobile power supplies.

PROCESS INDUSTRY: Isostatic presses, component life tests, chemical injection, etching machines, spraying equipment, lamination processes, impregnation machines.

CONSTRUCTION AND MINING: Grit blasting equipment, rock breakers, pressure cutters/washers, rock drills, injection equipment.

Technical Specifications

RATIO 1: 2.2 4.4 11 19 28 45 70 100 165
OUTPUT PER CYCLE (cc) 48 48 19 10 7.5 4.5 3.0 2.1 1.3
MAXIMUM FREE FLOW (litres/minute) 10 14 5 3.2 2.4 1.4 0.9 0.6 0.4
MAX. OUTPUT PRESSURE (BAR) WITH AIR SUPPLY OF 7 BAR 14 29 73 126 185 290 465 665 1095

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